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    • Stream Select Valve

      Monday, March 7, 2022

      Viking Instrument & Control

      Stream Select Valve Designed for reliable operation in difficult process analytical applications

      The Parker R-Max II combines the unique flexibility and functionality of a modular stream switching valve for proven application reliability and performance.

      • Parker Patented Technology for double block and bleed stream selection
      • Fully swept – Low Internal volume
      • Numerous functional designs available: (normally open, normally closed, internal fast loop, diverter assembly, ARV module, lab sampling module, single 3-way and by-pass filtration)
      • High Cycler Life

      Product Features: Product Benefits:
      • Captured Vent • Real-Time Valve Evaluation
      • Modular Configuration • Ease of maintenance and reduced downtime required for cartridge replacement
      • Position Indicator • Local indication of valve “on” and “off”
      • Dedicated ARV for gas sample GC applications • Allows the sample shut-off and equilibration of the sample loop pressure to atmosphere
      • Field Expansion and Modification • Allows assembly expansion after installation and addition of low-pressure actuator

      For applications from vacuum to 500 psig, and temperatures of -26C to 204C. Give Viking a call to see if R-Max II is the right fit for your application.

      For your convenience, Viking offers free consultations to assist you and your company in determining your needs. Contact us to discuss how we can help.

      Ontario: 905 331 1662
      Alberta: 587 415 4426

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